Trust is our commitment

Cosimo       Giovanni      Beatrice

Producing washing & dyeing machines for three generations, BRONGO became a world leader for quality and innovation. Tradition for quality, skills for the technology and experience for reliability are the family DNA which made BRONGO famous since the 60s. 

For a sustainable growth Brongo looks at the green technologies, where the reduction of water, energy and chemical consumption are the keys for a conscious progress. 

Brongo the durable quality

In Brongo create machines it is not just a job, it’s a family passion

Our contribute to the Made in Italy success around the world, it’s built day by day, with innovations and solutions based on reliability, efficiency and sustainability. A commitment which translates ideas into effective solutions, providing benefits in terms of productivity, processing costs and environmental impact. 

Brongo is also a member of the project “Sustainable Technologies” promoted by ACIMIT, the Ministry of Economy and ICE-Agency and started the project “Internationalization: a strategic choice”.