Who we are

The history of BRONGO is deeply rooted in an artisan tradition that, thanks to a continuous evolution, guides the brand towards the future. In Italy the sixties was the golden era for the industry and for the all-country’s economy. In this period, in Florence, Cosimo Brongo realized the project of his first machine, the Model RC, a baily washer. From that concept machine, handcrafted, many things have evolved to today’s inspirational technologies…

… From the beginning two more generations have joined the company, carrying their own innovative vision, but the values of the grandfather remain the same “our machines must be robust and efficient to last for 30 years”. Our machines are still handbuilt using traditional craftsmanship, but following sophisticated, accurate and technological researches. Nowadays Durable strength, Sustainability, Efficiency are the three key factors of our company.

Our products

Our production provides solutions for each and every type of garment processing, from sampling to washing and dyeing. Our experience in the field has led to the creation of cutting-edge products on the Italian market and abroad that are highly appreciated for the quality of their construction, their strength and reliability, their ease of use and advanced technology.

Sustainable and fashion application

We care about the environment and we manufacture our products with the intent to preserve the planet. Continuous innovation of our machineries ensures to minimize water, chemicals and energy consumption. This is our contribution for a fashion and sustainable garment industry.